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On Cam Newton's excessive end zone dancing

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton got into the end zone late in the Panthers 27-10 win over the Titans and he danced, and he danced, and he danced.  Look, that is what Cam Newton does.  Is it classy? No,  but that is what Cam Newton does.  Wesley Woodyard took exception to Scam's display and got in his face about it.  The two teams do-si-do'd a little bit before ultimately going to their respective sidelines.

Cam said after the game that if you want to stop him from dancing you should keep him out of the end zone.  Ultimately, I agree with that.  If Woodyard would have stopped him from scoring there would have been no dancing.

However, there is also a point where you should show some class and just give the ball to the ref and run off the field.  That's not Cam's thing.  He feels the need to give a little display every time his team gets a first down.  It makes me mad, but again, there is one way to keep him from doing it- stop him.

The Titans weren't able to do that enough today.