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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: defense

A tough choice to make.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans had a great second and third quarter today, but in the end the first and fourth quarter stumbles proved costly. Now, they were by no means bad and had a lot of positives, but there are some changes that could be made.

Here is the change I would make to make this defense even more efficient.

Find a way to get Daimion Stafford more involved

The Titans have an interesting defense, and when Dick LeBeau sends interior pressure it is almost unstoppable. Today the Titans had five sacks which is the most times that Cam Newton has been sacked all year. This defense is very good and they are getting better, but they have a player who isn't being optimized: Daimion Stafford.

Stafford is an absolute rocket as a blitzer, and his enthusiasm is infectious. He brings a lot of energy to that defense and he is an absolute problem for anyone trying to block him no matter where he is coming from.

On the opposite side, the Titans had a hard time stopping Greg Olsen today and that was in large part because of the zone coverage they were in. At times, it was Brian Orakpo or Derrick Morgan in coverage, and other times it was a linebacker. I would make Stafford an option as a nickel LB that can play in zone, man or blitz.

Jeff Fisher is doing this in St. Louis with Mark Barron and he is turning a player who couldn't keep a starting job, into a cornerstone of the defense. Stafford has proven that he is so quick and explosive that he is hard for offensive linement to block and you could put him in a lot of different combinations depending on the situation.

You could pair him with Woodyard on the goal line and in short downs and distances so he could cover tight ends. In clear passing situations you could pair him with Zach Brown to either cover or blitz. Avery Williamson could be in there with him on all other downs because Williamson has shown the ability to blitz and play the run very well.

I think some creativity could make Stafford very helpful in this defense and he could even turn out to be Polamalu minus the elite instincts in terms of a disrupting presence around the L.O.S.