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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: offense

One change for a short week.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans had a rough day on offense, especially in the second half. Mike Keith made a great comment calling the defensive effort a "smothering". The Titans couldn't challenge Josh Norman and players like DGB and Harry Douglas were nearly invisible.

It was a competitive game for three quarters, but in the end the Titans lost because they couldn't overcome this staunch defense. Here is one change I would make this week.

Bring in Tre McBride

At this point it is all by confirmed that Justin Hunter sustained a serious injury. After being carted off of the field today, it is callous to say, but the Titans have to find a way to replace him quickly. Rico Richardson is a starting receiver on this team right now, and that isn't acceptable.

There is one player who has been with the team all year that has the upside and ability to help this team now: Tre McBride.

I think it is a no brainer to bring up McBride for more than one reason. Obviously there is a huge need at wide receiver with Hunter out, but if Kendall Wright also misses the next game on a short week they just don't have the numbers to play the game.

The other big benefit is that he is a very good return man, which was a huge hole today. It has become abundantly clear that Dexter McCluster is not the skilled returner that he once was and he cost the Titans somewhere around a net 20-yards of field position today just as a kick returner.

The answer for this week's change is simple: bring in Tre McBride sense he knows the system, and hope that he develops as the season progresses so you know what you have for next year.