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Stats you didn't know about this year's Tennessee Titans

Some things you may not know about some of the Titans have their best year.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans aren't having the year they thought they could, just ask Ken Whisenhunt. However, there is a lot of good to take away from this season. This isn't just a piece about Marcus Mariota's dominance (though he is on this list) there are players all over the field that are promising cornerstones for this franchise.

Here are some quick stats that may change the way you see some of the Titans.

-In games where Mariota is sacked 2 or less times the Titans are 2-1 with a +33 point differential

-In games where Tennessee Titans starting running back Antonio Andrews has had 10 or more carries, he averages 4.52 YPC and has never averaged less than 4 YPC. There is no question going forward that he has to be the start until he starts to fall of in production. He and David Cobb could be a very potent combination in the future.

-With Derrick Morgan already at 4.5 sacks this year, he is on pace to break his career sack record for a year (6.5). He has already passed or tied three years in his career.

-Brian Orakpo is on pace to hit double digit sacks for the third time in his career. He is finally hitting his stride and has three sacks in the last two games.

-The Titans already have 8 pass catchers with a TD which ties last year and is the most since 2005 when Steve McNair was the QB. Antonio Andrews, Craig Stevens and Chase Coffman all are without touchdowns and could break that tie.