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Titans vs. Panthers: Who should be in play on FanDuel?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Delanie Walker is the obvious answer to that question.  The Panthers can probably match-up with him better than most teams, but he is still going to get his.  Marcus Mariota will look to him early and often when feeling the pressure from the Carolina pass rush.  Walker is $5,900.  6th most expensive among tight ends.  That's a plug and play.

Harry Douglas is another sneaky good play on FanDuel.  I would like him a little bit more if FanDuel scoring was PPR (you only get .5 PPR), but I still like him.  He, like Walker, will benefit from Mariota being under pressure.  Kendall Wright is out, so Douglas steps into that high volume short-to-intermediate route role.

On the Panthers side, you are looking at Cam Newton and Greg Olsen.  Dick LeBeau has probably spent a couple of sleepless nights thinking about how to deal with Olsen.  On one hand that is scary, on the other it means that LeBeau will have a plan for Olsen.

Scam is a different deal.  He can make a huge play even when the Titans do everything right.  That is what has made him so effective this year.

Newton and Olsen is the stack to play if you are going that way, but I wouldn't bet the house on that paying off this week.