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Pro Football Focus touts the turnaround of the Titans defense

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week Pro Football Focus put out a reason for hope for all 32 teams.  My biggest reason for hope in the Titans is Marcus Mariota, but PFF went a different direction with it:

Despite having the sixth-worst graded defense in 2014, the Titans are in the top 12 in every defensive category this year (run defense, pass rush, pass coverage) and eighth-highest graded defense overall.

In just his fifth NFL season Jurrell Casey (+26.9) is in the running for his second All-Pro Selection, but it’s the Titans depth that has led to such a huge improvement from last year. There are 14 Titans defenders graded +1.2 or better, with the top two (Casey and Brian Orakpo) signed through 2018.

The turnaround on defense has been really remarkable. They were horrific last year against the run and the pass. This year they have had their struggles, but they have kept the Titans in pretty much every game.

I would really like to see the Titans hire an offensive coach that decides to keep the current defensive staff. They are a couple of players away from having a dominant defense.