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Titans CB Jason McCourty's season could be over

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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It was announced Thursday that Jason McCourty is out for the game on Sunday.  He suffered a groin injury in the game against the Texans, and it was a groin injury that kept him out of the 4 games of the season.  McCourty said on Friday that a decision will be made next week about his status for the rest of the season.  If McCourty has to undergo another surgery, he had one before the season started, his season would be over.

This is obviously terrible news for the Titans defense.  We were all pretty excited about a secondary that featured McCourty and Perrish Cox.  They were only able to be on the field together in 2 games.  We have seen entirely too much Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Coty Sensabaugh.

The Titans absolutely have to get a corner that can come in and play in the 2016 draft.  You cannot make it in this league with just two corners...even if both of them are healthy for 16 games.