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Mel Kiper weighs in on the Titans 2015 draft class

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper has a piece over at (In$ider) where he reviewed all 32 draft classes.  He broke it down by "great start" and "what we'll learn."  Here is what he had to say on the Titans:

Great start: Marcus Mariota has completed nearly 66 percent of his passes and has thrown for 13 TDs against just 5 INTs. No, he won't pick a good defense apart at this point, but this is what you hope a rookie QB looks like. If he's healthy, they have their guy. Jeremiah Poutasi and Andy Gallik have been asked to step in, with mixed results. Poutasi has struggled. Jalston Fowler is a favorite of mine and has seen time.

What we'll learn: Dorial Green-Beckham shows incredible potential in flashes, but is he an every-down guy? He's coming off a five-catch game.

For some reason Fowler being thrown in there under "great start" with the comment that he has seen time. It probably would have made more sense to mention Angleo Blackson there who has actually made a contribution....just last week in fact.