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Tennessee Titans News Links: Return of LeBeau?

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

With the firing of Ken Whisenhunt, the Titans after the season will most likely be looking to hire a head coach from the outside. That raises the question about Dick LeBeau staying on. Will he or won't he? He says that the new head coach would have to want him and ask him to say which seems fairly obvious, but I think Dick would definitely be open to staying, and would do so. He's older, and probably doesn't want to move around much more. He likes Nashville, and while I wouldn't be heartbroken to see him go, it'd be cool if we could have some consistency on defense.

The Titans came out with their new Color Rush uniforms for next Thursday Night, and I am not a fan. They look like pajamas. Go with all Navy Blue and they still look like morph suits, but at least they are navy.

D'Angelo Blackson has been a really nice surprise for the Titans. With Blackson and Mount (who was lost for the year due to an ACL tear) it looks like the Titans might have found 2 gems in the draft.