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Titans LB David Bass fined for hit on Drew Brees

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is out of control.  David Bass was fined $17,363 for this hit on Drew Brees per Adam Schefter:

Brees is 5'11 with his cleats on.  When he ducks like he did on that play he is about 5'0.  Bass can't hit him low when he comes around the edge there, that would be a penalty, so that leaves no spot to even tackle him.  Maybe they should go to two-hand touch on the quarterback.

If you really watch the play, Bass tried his best to get his head past Brees before hitting him to avoid the helmet to helmet call.  I get the need for player safety, and I get why they want to protect quarterbacks, but defenders have to have a chance to make a play.  Bass shouldn't have been penalized for this....much less fined.  I am sure he will appeal.