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Marcus Mariota still not one of Pro Football Focus's top 10 rookies

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Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Greenlaw's favorite site, Pro Football Focus, has put out there top 10 rookies.  The players are ranked based on their PFF grade for the season to this point.  This list is stupid, and the reason the list is stupid is because PFF's grading scale is stupid.  They put their grades out on Monday before the all-22 is available.  It is impossible for people that aren't in the locker room to know assignments for players even with the all-22.  It is preposterous to grade players on the broadcast replay.

Quarterback is the hardest position to play in all of sports.  Rookie quarterbacks should get some kind of a bump on the list just because they are quarterbacks, but whatever.

Marcus Mariota isn't in there top 10.  That's dumb.  He is in their "5 to watch" portion with this comment:

Mariota looked good on his return from injury. More of the same is needed.