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Tennessee Titans News Links: Mr. Underrated

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Best TE in the league? Gronk of course. Eifert and Kelce in my opinion are probably 2nd and 3rd, but our own Delanie Walker is definitely in the mix. He's come into his own as a pass catching weapon, and is so versatile. He and Jurrell Casey are two of the most underrated players in the league, and I am elated that we have them locked onto our team for years to come.

Taylor Lewan lost his captaincy yesterday, and it was given to Dexter McCluster. Seems like an odd move to me, but I'm not in the locker room and it's Mularkey's show for the time being.

To tape or not to tape? That is the question for Marcus Mariota who has smartly taped since his week 2 ankle injury.

Marcus doesn't have a nickname, but he doesn't need one. His play speaks enough for him.

What Marcus was on Sunday was clutch. All the great ones come through in the clutch, and Marcus showed something extra in the overtime win against the Saints.