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Tennessee Titans News Links: Making the Right Move

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have 2 BWW's, and the newest one chose the best possible time to step up. If J-Mac and Perrish need to miss more time, I look forward to watching more of Webb.

Dorial Green-Beckham has a whole lot of talent, and he could impact the Titans in a very positive way down the stretch.

Prior to Sunday, Mike Mularkey didn't have a good track record of first games with teams as a Head Coach.

Mike Mularkey talks about the changes to the offensive line. He wants some continuity along the line, which means that Poot may not see the field for a while.

The Titans need to clean up play despite winning on Sunday. There were plays to be made early in the game on offense, and on defense they could have cleaned up a lot.

Paul Kuharsky asks if in 10 years can Marcus Mariota be what Drew Brees is now? The answer largely hinges on who the Titans hire as the new head coach.