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Where should the Tennessee Titans go in the 2016 NFL Draft

A look at where the Tennessee Titans would draft today.

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago it was too early to talk about the 2016 NFL Draft because of how bad this division was. However, after watching the Titans play today and hearing some of the post game quotes from players talking about the locker room on the verge of breaking apart, it is probably time.

With the Baltimore Ravens winning today, that leaves the Titans with the second overall pick in the draft behind only the Detroit Lions.

So I asked Terry Lambert (essentially the resident Titans NFL Draft expert) what he thought the Titans should do at the top of the draft. So after some messages we decided to put out our top two choices for the team if the draft were tomorrow.


1. Jalen Ramsey S/CB, FSU

The Titans have a lot of issues on the roster, but perhaps none could use a playmaker more than the secondary. Ramsey is a versatile guy who has experience at safety and corner. He has great length at 6'1 and would instantly give the Titans a difference maker.

2. Laremy Tunsil OT, Ole Miss

I would hate this pick. I would hate to see an elite defensive back get overlooked for an immediate need, but I would understand totally. Jeremiah Poutasi has been an utter disaster so far and Tunsil would be a high end replacement.  This may even allow a move to right tackle for Taylor Lewan.


1. Joey Bosa EDGE, Ohio State

The Tennessee Titans need play makers and it is up to the new head coach to figure out how to get the best players on the field. While I realize the issue isn't with the defense, Bosa is just too good to pass up. He can play in any front and is a great sub-package DT in pass rush situations. If the best player in the draft falls to #2, you have to jump on him. He isn't the freak prospect that Jadeveon Clowney was his sophomore year (he wasn't as good in his junior year) however, he is much more consistent and plays the position correctly instead of jumping upfield looking for flashy plays. He is a DC's dream.

2. Vernon Hargreaves III CB, Florida

The Titans have the right people at corner, but with injuries plaguing that group it is easy to see why having a great #3 makes such a big difference. VH3 is no #3 though, if he comes in I imagine that Jason McCourty gets bumped down the depth chart and Perrish Cox moves inside. Hargreaves is a play maker and he has an interception in four out of seven games this season. He too is entering Jadeveon Clowney territory where teams rarely throw it to his side anymore and when they do he still makes plays.