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Last ditch effort from Tennessee Titans GM Ruston Webster

What can Webster do to save his job?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Whisenhunt is as good as fired at this point, unless he makes some sort of miraculous recovery when Marcus Mariota comes back. Even then, I am not sure you can justify keeping him based on how you have seen him crumble with other QBs.

As much as everyone hates him, Ruston Webster still actually has a chance to stick on this Tennessee Titans team. I know everyone is thinking "Burn it down!" right now and I don't disagree with that for the most part. However look at the players he has drafted and forget how they have been misused:


-Marcus Mariota

-Dorial Green-Beckham

-Angelo Blackson (who has looked good in spots)

-Deiontrez Mount (who was good before being injured)

-Andy Gallik (who has a positive PFF rating)


-Taylor Lewan

-DaQuan Jones

-Avery Williamson

2013 (in maybe the worst draft class in the last 10 years)

-Chance Warmack

-Blidi Wreh-Wilson (who is playing better than Jason McCourty according to PFF)

-Daimion Stafford (who has played well this year)

He has also signed or re-signed:

-Brian Orakpo

-Derrick Morgan

-Perrish Cox

-Jurrell Casey

-Byron Bell (arguably the Titans best linemen right now)

-Delanie Walker

-Da'Norris Searcy

-Ryan Succop

-Al Woods

-Dexter McCluster

Is that a great group? No, but that is 14 starters and several key backups in three years including a quarterback, left tackle, two pass rushers, Jurrell Casey, a good cornerback, and a very good inside linebacker that are all in the prime of their career.

The one thing that has plagued him is that he has not hit on second round picks in the past. Justin Hunter looks like a bust, Bishop Sankey looks similar and Dorial Green-Beckham hasn't developed (or at least isn't being used correctly). The one clear hole on this team is the offensive line. The Titans can't run effectively because they aren't getting a good push and they struggle to protect Marcus Mariota and Zach Mettenberger at the quarterback position.

So the Titans need offensive linemen and they can't utilize top 2nd round picks well, if only there was a way to turn a second round pick into a quality offensive linemen. Or two. But is there a team that is willing to make a move like that? Is there someone with top offensive linemen that are ready to tear everything down? Yes there is.

So, if Ruston Webster wants to save his job here is what I am suggesting (if it isn't clear):

The Tennessee Titans get:

-Joe Thomas OT

-Alex Mack C

The Cleveland Browns get:

-The Titans second round pick in 2016  (33rd overall right now).

If the Browns are trying to unload people for picks, there is no better deal out there than this one right now. No one will offer essentially a first round pick for two of the players they are wanting to eject for picks.

The Titans lose a second round pick that they have failed to show they know how to use, and they get a hefty return. They can move Taylor Lewan to right tackle which has been a major problem for the Titans, as Joe Thomas is obviously going to play left tackle where he has played at a All-Pro level for nearly a decade.

Alex Mack could waive his no trade clause, because of how easy this division is. He should look over and know that if the Titans make this move then they are in a prime position to turn this around in the short term. He should also know that protecting Marcus Mariota will be the top priority this offseason, so he stands to make a lot of money if he looks good this season.

The Titans new offensive line would be:

LT: Joe Thomas

LG: Byron Bell

C: Alex Mack

RG: Chance Warmack

RT: Taylor Lewan

That would be an outstanding offensive line, and I don't see how this doesn't make sense for both teams. The Browns get a key piece to rebuild their team. The Tennessee Titans get an outstanding offensive line for a piece that they don't know how to use. Also, Ruston Webster gets one chance to prove that he is doing a good job as a GM by grabbing two All-Pro caliber players for a 2nd.

Now, I know this probably won't happen, but I can't think of a single reason why it shouldn't if those tweets are true and if Webster is willing to make a move.