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Tennessee Titans one change to make: offense

What the Titans can do to change the offense.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

So that was terrible (I feel like I start stories like that every week now). I know everyone's response to today is to fire Whisenhunt, and that is not only fair but it is the clear-cut right move at this point. However, I don't think this team will do that so we have to look at small changes the Titans might make.

Throw the ball to DGB

Hey coach Whisenhunt, you know that 6'5" wide receiver you have? Why don't you throw him the ball some?

Wait, wait, wait, before you say anything you have to understand that I will not accept the excuse that he doesn't know the offense yet. That won't fly, because eight weeks into the season he should at least know how you want him to run a slant, curl, and a deep route. I absolutely will not listen to that excuse for another week.

Mettenberger's job today was clear, throw short easy passes and just keep the offense moving against a bad Houston Texans team. Alright, I understand that but you couldn't throw him a screen pass? Everyone and there mother knows that you are going to throw screens to Kendall Wright which is why Mettenberger hung him out to dry resulting in an injury.

I can't fathom the reason why your biggest, strongest receiver only got one target on a poorly thrown pass. He had his man beaten routinely today, and he was just blatantly ignored.

"But the offensive line didn't block anyone, the stats say that they didn't." No. There may have been a few missteps, but more than half of those sacks were on Mettenberger who stood back in the pocket with no feel for the pressure coming at him. He has to throw those passes quick or he will get killed like he did today.

One way to combat that is with slants with your biggest receiver who can use his body to shield defenders from the ball. Even if he is covered tightly, the head coach and offensive coordinator's job is to scheme up ways to get him the ball. The fact that Whisenhunt isn't means that he is a head coach who isn't thriving at his "specialty", if that is the case I don't know what you keep him around for.