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Halftime adjustments for the Tennessee Titans

What can the Titans possibly do?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans had a successful drive to start the game, but like most things this team has done offensively after starting strong they fell off, hard.These are the two quick halftime adjustments I would make.

Offense- Run the ball!

Do the Titans think that it was a coincidence that when they were running the ball in the B-gap that they were having success? This team has to know their strengths and maximize them. Run behind Taylor Lewan and Byron Bell and get the tough yards with Antonio Andrews, then stretch out the line with a zone run or two with Dexter McCluster.

Defensively- More interior blitz

The Titans are doing very well getting pressure off the edge, but what they aren't doing is taking away the middle of the field from Hoyer. He can't throw well outside without a lot of time and with that line on top of a blitzing ILB (like Avery Williamson or Zach Brown) should make this day a nightmare for Hoyer.

All in all the Titans are doing terribly and seem to have fallen away from what worked early. They are just down by a little and they can rebound if they don't freak out and let Mettenberger throw 50 times.