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Tennessee Titans News Links: More Perfect

Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

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Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

After Marcus Mariota's week one perfection, you wouldn't think that it could get better. Well, it just did. The NFL voided one of his incompletions, giving him a 13/15 final line for the day. His season passer rating is now at 110.

Jeremiah Poutasi is learning as he plays in a trial by fire campaign in 2015. He will have to face Mario Williams/Jerry Hughes on Sunday. Good luck, and Mariota is counting on you.

A quick hit passing offense on Sunday will go a long way in defeating the Bills. I think the defense will do what they've been doing, holding the other team, but maybe give up a couple big plays. The offense needs to bury the Bills while they can (easier said than done).

The Titans defense has been great at creating 3 and outs for opposing offenses. Hopefully the defense can keep Charles Clay in check on Sunday.

Ryan Succop is doing his best to help out with a scary situation in South Carolina.