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Tennessee Titans News Links: Ready for Buffalo

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Mariota talks about his acting career, and what he did during the bye week. He also talks about winning Offensive Rookie of the Month. Of course, he defers the attention to his teammates and his coaches, saying it wouldn't be possible without them. He also speaks on the Bills defense and how good their front 7 is. He preaches 1 game at a time, which is exactly what the Titans need to be doing this season.

Whisenhunt's Monday press conference includes a comment on Zach Brown's tweet after the loss against Indy.

While other QBs cram information before a game, Marcus is listening to music, clearing his mind. He's confident in the Titans, and the offense.

When commercials starring Marcus Mariota come on, he turns away. He says that his girlfriend and his parents give him grief every time a commercial comes on.

The Titans have had their fair share of penalties this year, but it pales in comparison to the number of penalties that the Bills have incurred this year.