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A long look ahead at the Tennessee Titans schedule

What does it look like down the road?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With a lot being made of how terrible the AFC and NFC South divisions look, let's break down what the Titans have to look forward to on an easy schedule. These are just some bullet points to look over when you are curious if Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans are going to have any major challenges down the road.

-The 13 games left on the Titans schedule feature teams that have only won 1.9 games on average.

-Only Carolina and New England have perfect records, but that is deceiving. Every team the Carolina Panthers have beaten only have one win at this point in the season, and none have looked competitive in any other games really except for Jacksonville Jaguars OT matchup today against the backup Indianapolis Colts.

-The Titans get five games with teams that have one win or less left on the schedule.

-As of Week 3 the Tennessee Titans have a +12 point differential. The Titans will get to play 8 teams with a worse point differential than that in their next 13 games.

There are a lot of stats I can throw out like this, but all in all the eye test is clear. These teams aren't good and a lot of them have huge flaws in their defenses that Marcus Mariota and this offense should be able to exploit. The ones that don't have poor offensive line and Dick LeBeau should be able to be more free with his pressure with the return of Jason McCourty.

I will continue to say that Titans fans need to be excited. While this team is still likely a year away, this team could sneak into the playoffs if they take care of business like they have shown they can in flashes.