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State of the AFC South Week 4

What does it all mean.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The AFC South looks terrible right now, and if you are a Tennessee Titans fan you have to be a little bit excited. Not only does no one look ready to take a hold of the division, but you could argue that the Titans have the best offense and defense in the division, especially when healthy.

Let's take a quick look at all three teams the Tennessee Titans have to play against:

Indianapolis Colts:

The Colts looked terrible today and went wire-to-wire with a Jaguars team whose only win to date was against an embarrassing Miami Dolphins team in disarray. Frank Gore had 3.1 yards per carry, and a fumble close to the endzone. If you pair him up with Andre Johnson who looks old and out of place, then you end up seeing a total 53 yards in production.

Everyone is saying that Andrew Luck needed to sit this game out and rest his shoulder, which is fine but it isn't their only problem. The offensive line is struggling to keep whoever is in the pocket upright and they allowed seven quarterback hits today. Teams are going to start sending a lot of pressure at Luck hoping to fluster and hurt him, and they will probably have a lot of success.

Houston Texans:

The Texans have the worst quarterback situation in the NFL and it isn't close. Don't look at their score today, if you watch the actual game you can see that Ryan Mallet (who was benched) is just not good at the quarterback position at this point in his career.

The Texans with their vaunted defense was losing 42-0 before the Atlanta Falcons completely let off the gas and let the Texans get yards just to get the game over with. Arian Foster did not look healthy with 8 carries for 10 yards and a fumble, and if he isn't going this offense is lost.

If you can keep J.J. Watt off the quarterback then you have got a great chance of beating this team.

Jacksonville Jaguars:

The Jaguars just aren't very good. Blake Bortles threw 50 times in five quarters against the Colts defense and managed 298 yards. That is a great day for him, but Marcus Mariota absolutely carved up the Colts defense a week ago throwing for 367 yards on just 44 passes.

They also found a way to lose to the Colts who were starting Matt Hasselbeck on a team team that has no supporting talent. I don't see how you can be excited about anything you saw today if you are a Jaguars fan and there is really nothing you can compliment about this franchise right now.

So all in all, how can you not feel excited if you are a Titans fan. You have an exciting offense with an easy schedule, and you are getting two of you best players back from injury this week in Chance Warmack and Jason McCourty which should make a difference on both side of the ball.