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What the New York Giants did to beat the Buffalo Bills

Some things the Titans need to replicate to follow the New York Giants blueprint.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Though it was far from a blowout at the end, the game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants was in the hands of Eli Manning and his team for the majority of the game. While no game is identical, there are a lot of things to take away from this game if the Titans want to replicate the New York Giants gameplan next week.

Spread it out:

The New York Giants had five receivers with multiple receptions, and that makes a team very difficult to cover. This is perfect for the Tennessee Titans who have been great at getting everyone the ball based on coverage and progressions rather than picking your favorite guy presnap.

With the Tennessee Titans getting a fully healthy Delanie Walker and with Dorial Green-Beckham developing, Marcus Mariota could look great against this team despite there ability to blitz and bring pressure.

Hard running:

This isn't a team that you can hope to out finesse on the edges. You have to bring your lunch pail and run hard through contact. Whether that means running after a swing pass or if that means holding the ball with two hand and running low in the middle of the line, you have to earn the tough yards.

This should be a huge game for Antonio Andrews and possibly even Terrance West. I could see the Titans rolling with two bigger backs this week just to combat the hard nosed defense of the Buffalo Bills. Also, getting Chance Warmack should make the right side of the line a better spot to run with Jeremiah Poutasi drawing a rough assignment against Mario Williams.

Outside contain:

One of the more underrated things that the New York Giants did was they kept outside contain as much as they could without sacrificing pressure. They were able to keep most runs to the inside and for the large part it was very hard to get anything going with Tyrod Taylor's legs.

Play clean:

Maybe the biggest thing the Titans can do to win this game is play clean. The Bills had 15 penalties for 110 yards with 4:02 left in the game. While the yardage doesn't look crazy, there were a lot of big penalties that gave the Giants first down in crippling situations. The Titans haven't been the cleanest team this year but there have been a lot of calls against the Titans that have given the other team a chance to beat them.

In this game if the Titans can win the turnover battle and the penalty battle they should have a great chance to win.