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Tennessee Titans next opponents struggling with injuries

A look at the Buffalo Bills.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Even before today's game against the New York Giants, the Tennessee Titans next opponents have been struggling to get healthy. The Buffalo Bills two most visable players on offense both are dealing with injuries and one will likely have to sit out the game against the Titans next week.

LeSean McCoy

According to several reports including this one from Yahoo!, McCoy is dealing with a new tear in his hamstring and the Buffalo Bills do not want to rush him back. So with that, the new timetable is 3-4 more weeks, which puts him well out of contention for the game next week against the Tennessee Titans.

McCoy is a dynamic playmaker that does a lot of great things when healthy, and while Karlos Williams has looked good, he hasn't been nearly as two-dimensional as McCoy in his short career. A Titans team that hasn't really been consistently dominant against the run yet, needs as much help as it can get.

Tyrod Taylor

While Taylor hasn't been mentioned on the injury report all season, he has apparently been dealing with an ankle injury that has hampered him. A Jay Glazer report led PFT to write:

"According to Jay Glazer of FOX, Taylor has been playing with an ankle injury all year, and he has yet to be 100 percent. He hasn’t missed practice time, but as Glazer puts it the ankle has been bothering Taylor for more than this week."

So another week running and taking hits shouldn't help him heal any quicker. For a quarterback who is largely successful because of his constant threat to run. If his ability to roll out on bootlegs and sprint pass options is taken away, it could be a slight relief on the Tennessee Titans defense.