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It's officially a fire sale for the Chicago Bears

Players the Tennessee Titans should look at.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

While people have been quick to speculate that Matt Forte is available for a trade with the Chicago Bears, "sources" have said that he wasn't being discussed yet. However, according to a recent report from Ian Rapoport Matt Forte is on the table, and that may not be all.

This quote is telling just how ready this team is to tear it down:

"It was, however, proof that general manager Ryan Pace will consider all options when it comes to improving his team for the longterm.

And yes, that does include making veteran running back Matt Forte available for the right offer.

The mantra from Chicago has been that it would listen to almost anything, and that would include 29-year-old making $7.1 million.

As one rival general manager described it, "They basically say, 'Don't be afraid to ask.' "

So essentially everyone on the roster is up for grabs if you are willing to pay.

Which players should entice the Tennessee Titans the most?

Matt Forte RB

Everyone should have thought about this possibility already. Not only is Forte an excellent receiving back, he is one of the better running backs in the league in every phase. While I don't expect him to be a long term staple of this offense, for the next few years it would be great to have a running back next to Marcus Mariota that doesn't tip the hand of offense pre snap.

Alshon Jeffery WR

No one is off limits and that includes the talented young receiver that is set to be a free agent in 2016. Jeffery has had some injury problems this year and the conspiracy part of me things that he is being held out so that he could be dangled as trade bait. He is a huge receiver that does a lot of great things in the vertical game and is someone that could consistently win on the outside with a quarterback like Marcus Mariota.

Martellus Bennett TE

Going for pure value, Bennett makes a lot of sense for the Tennessee Titans. The Titans run a ton of two tight end sets, and while Fasano is an alright #2 tight end, imagine how good Bennett would look next to Delanie Walker for a player like Marcus Mariota. This offense is built around passing to the tight end and this would give the Titans the ability to hurry up and spread the defense out by flexing them both out wide. Then on the next play Tennessee could come back and have them both on the line and have a good power running game.

Jay Ratliff NT

Ratliff has been suspended for the first three games of this season, but he was one of the best nose tackles in the league last year despite playing less than 500 snaps. Ratliff would be able to push to become the starter at either nose tackle or 3-4 DE for the Titans.

Ratliff was the only player in PFF's top 10 nose tackle ranking that played less than 500 snaps and he earned very good grades as a run stopper and pass rusher. This is a player you have to ask about if you are Tennessee.

Anyone else?

Well the rest of the team has some very young talented players, but unless they let Kyle Long, Kyle Fuller, Lamarr Houston, or Pernell McPhee go then there is no one else that really jumps out as a must-add.