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Tennessee Titans News Links: Change Could Be Bad

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

PK writes that just because the Titans might be sold to new ownership, doesn't necessarily mean that the new owners will be better for the team. While that might be true, not having a CEO on a permanent basis right now, and being able to fire Whiz and Webster is the worst case-scenario.

When David Cobb comes back for the Titans, there will be 4 RBs that need to be fed. Sankey, Andrews, Dex, and the David. Sankey might not be even entered in that conversation, after he was relegated to only kick returning duty on Sunday.

While Sankey was the leading back coming out of training camp, his role and Andrew's role have swapped (Andrews certainly didn't get enough touches on Sunday after averaging about 7 yards per carry).

Marcus Mariota has the second highest fumble rate in the NFL this year for Quarterbacks. This is one area he absolutely needs to improve.