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Tennessee Titans News Links: Favor For The Fans

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

David Climer writes an article that we all can agree with. The owners of the Titans should do us all a favor and sell the team. The owners just treat this like an investment, says Climer, and he's 100% right. There has been nothing they've done to convince us otherwise. Sell the team, give us someone who really wants to make this team great.

Jason Wolf asks if the Titans are better than they were last year. I say yes, but we are still losing games.

NashUrban has a nice article from a while back on Mariota and McNair and their likeness at the QB position.

Marcus is expected to participate in drills on Wednesday and could be good to go on Sunday.

CBS has only 4 games on Sunday, yet the Titans got the 5th ranked broadcast crew for the network.

Orakpo has played big thus far, but he also has a booming voice, writes PK.