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Report: Marcus Mariota to participate in drills on Wednesday

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharsky is reporting this evening that Marcus Mariota will participate in team drills at Titans practice tomorrow-citing a source close to the quarterback.  Ken Whisenhunt said yesterday that the plan was for Mariota to test his knee today to see if he was ready to practice this week.  It sounds like he is.

The is obviously very good news for everyone involved.  The only thing left for us as Titans fans this year is to see Mariota play, and hopefully progress, on the field.  It sounds like we are going to get to see him back out there against the Texans.  Hopefully the offensive line can keep J.J. Watt from killing Super Mario.

Maybe, just maybe, the Titans will come out and try to establish Antonio Andrews in this, who am I kidding.  Ken Whisenhunt doesn't believe in establishing anything.  That goes against the personnel groupings he has set up that are working so well....