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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: How do the 6-0 teams stack up?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are bad.  They did show more fight this week.  That means they are close and I AM A GOOD PLAY CALLER (crying face emoji). #Whizz'd  Anyway, the Titans should be 30th or lower in every power ranking out there.  I will updated this post with where they are in the various rankings around the web.

But let's be honest, that isn't very fun.  So today I decided to take a look at the 6-0 teams, there are five of them, and rank them.  Here are my thoughts:

1. New England Patriots- The is no question they are the best team in the league right now.  Tom Brady is playing pissed off, and that is good for no one that has to face the Titans in week 15.

2. Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers is so much fun to watch.  I really hope we get to see a Super Bowl between the Patriots and Packers.  That would be an awesome game to watch.

3. Cincinnati Bengals- They are clicking on all cylinders right now.  Honestly, they could be ranked ahead of the Packers...except for the fact that Andy Dalton is still their quarterback.  I am not buying in until he wins a playoff game.

4. Carolina Panthers- How are they 6-0?  Because Scam Newton has put the team on his back...well that and the fact that they have a really good defense.

5. Denver Broncos- Speaking of good defenses, the Broncos might have the best in the league.  How funny would it be if the Broncos could find a way to win the Super Bowl is spite of Peyton Manning.  Actually, scratch that, it wouldn't be funny at all.  I hate Peyton Mannning.

There's that.  On to the Titans:

SB Nation: 31 (LW:31) 30 (LW:29)

Been a while since the Titans blew away the Bucs -- and football fans everywhere -- with that drubbing in Week 1. Five losses later, Ken Whisenhunt doesn't seem to have any answers, much like in 2014. The sad thing on Sunday -- or, at least, the thing that was obscured by another loss -- was the brilliant play of Tennessee's defense for the majority of the afternoon. The Falcons came in averaging a healthy 30.5 points per game -- and left Nashville with 10. Can't do much better than that. Unfortunately, Zach Mettenberger -- who was filling in for the injured Marcus Mariota -- couldn't get the ball downfield and tossed a pair of interceptions.
CBS: 31 (LW:30)
The defense showed up against the Titans, which is a good sign. Zach Mettenberger was too inconsistent.