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Tennessee Titans: Is There Anybody Out There

Titans fans are left adrift amidst a hopeless season and a very unclear future.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports


Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me.

Is there anyone home?

--Pink FLoyd

Do fans deserve to hear from ownership?

In the years past I was never on the side that cared whether or not Bud Adams lived in Texas or Nashville or how many games he attended or whether or not he knew his way around Green Hills.  It was his team and he could do what he wanted with it, and at least he moved it to Nashville Tennessee for me to enjoy.

Bud Adams cared what happened with his team and wanted to win.  That's enough for me.  Some might say he even cared a little too much when forcing the Vince Young pick or duly flashing double birds after stomping the Buffalo Bills.  I'm not arguing that he was a good owner, but that he was at least an invested owner, and not just from a financial standpoint.

When Bud Adams passed away, Titans fans knew they were going to be in for a bit of a limbo period while the remaining family members figured out who wanted to do what with the team.  The short of the long is that the team was left in the hands of Tommy Smith for a short while only to be dismissed in lieu of interim President and Ceo Steve Underwood.  At the same time the Adams family has put Amy Adams Strunk in the fore front as controlling owner of the team. Basically the organization is captain-less or rudderless or sail-less or all three.

In the mean time the Titans have hit an all time low as a franchise on the field.  The Titans are 3-19 under Ken Whisenhunt, and haven't won a home game since my 3 year old's been walking.  So what does the Titans front office do?  Issue a mission statement of course.

While I don't subscribe to the idea that teams and owners "owe" the fans anything, for the first time in my life as a fan I want to hear from someone in charge.  I'm usually on the other side of things.  If you don't like it, then don't go, don't pay, etc.  Eventually the free market and free will of a consumer base will work things out.

But now I'm just pissed.  Not that the Titans are the worst team in the league, but that in becoming so there's nothing but crickets coming from the top.  Whisenhunt and Webster are in charge and I'm hearing plenty from them, but that's not going to cut it since they are the ones that put the team where it is at the bottom of the league.  Again.

I like being a fan.  I like cheering and rooting for your team.  I like the camaraderie it creates.  I like hugging strangers after touchdowns.  But lately I'm getting a sickening feeling in my gut that makes me feel like I've been the fool.  I've bought the tickets, the passes, and the jerseys.  I'm happy buying the crappy $5 pretzel and subsequent cup of yellow stuff they call cheeze.  I'm happy to do that and even have the team lose.  But all that turns sour when I realize I care more than the owners.  Whoever they are.