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Play Calling to Blame Once Again for Titans loss

Run the ball!!!!

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

If you have a running back that is averaging over five and a half yards per carry, you're probably going to feed him until he can't walk.  Unless, of course, you're Ken Whisenhunt.  If you're Ken Whisenhunt, you call 35 pass plays with your backup quarterback behind one of the worst pass protecting offensive lines in the NFL.

This really happened.

Antonio Andrews averaged more yards per attempt than his quarterback, which is very rare.  Ken Whisenhunt rewarded Andrews with just ten carries.  His ten carries went for 57 yards.  It's not like the Titans were getting blown out either, so you can't blame it on game-flow.

Tennessee was in this one for the entire game.  They had a shot to win, but once again Ken Whisenhunt relied on the pass entirely too much.  The Titans haven't done too much good this season and when they finally did, Whisenhunt ignored it.  There was no reason that Antonio Andrews shouldn't have had 20 carries or more.

The Falcons weakness is stopping the run.  That was a known fact going in.  It was proven in the game.  Whisenhunt instead decided to throw it 35 times with Zach Mettenberger.  No wonder he's 3-19 during his time in Nashville.

The Titans may not have a dynamic backfield, but Antonio Andrews and Dexter McCluster have proven to be reliable backs in the system.  They just haven't gotten enough touches.  Sustaining drives in huge at any level of football and the Titans had an opportunity to to that Sunday.  They didn't.  Ken Whisenhunt didn't.

Tennessee lost the time of possession battle by nearly nine minutes.  The Falcons ran the ball 31 times on Sunday while the Titans ran just 16 times.  Miraculously, the defense stepped up and played their best game since week one. They shut down the Falcons potent offense, but it was an effort that was wasted.

Hopefully Ken Whisenhunt realizes what the Dolphins just did to the Texans on the ground.  Lamar Miller ripped up Houston for 175 yards on the ground.  There is no reason why the Titans shouldn't come out run heavy next Sunday in Houston.