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One big question for the Tennessee Titans defense

Another tough loss.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Another Sunday, another tough loss for the Tennessee Titans. This one feels very similar to the Buffalo Bills loss in that the other team gave the Titans the chance to win and they just refused to take it. So, let's dive right in what is the number one question for the Tennessee Titans defense?

Can the Titans keep Dick LeBeau without Ken Whisenhunt?

The Tennessee Titans are going to clean house this offseason, but there are a few people who can make a case to stay. Other than Ruston Webster, the person with the strongest case to stay is Dick LeBeau. The Titans were able to lure the HoF coach to come to Tennessee after he was fired from the Pittsburgh Steelers early this year.

One of the big reasons why he was hired is because Ken Whisenhunt and Ray Horton were both very close with him, and he knew the transition would be easy.

However, that wasn't the only reason. It isn't that far from Ohio, a state he lived in 33 of the last 34 years. He seemingly felt comfortable there and Nashville is a really nice play to live by all accounts. So is it possible that the Titans have a chance to keep the extremely talented defensive coordinator after Whisenhunt is fired?

If you aren't sure that you want that, think about this. With cornerback injuries plaguing this team, Michael Griffin missing time here and there with small injuries, and with an UDFA (Riggs) and a CB that no one was ready to pay a lot (Cox) playing very well, this team is the best team in the NFL in passing defense.

Not only that, but he has found a way to make Derrick Morgan the player he has been so close to becoming for years, and he is knocking on the door of becoming great. On top of that he is using Jurrell Casey, Brian Orakpo and Karl Klug the right way and optimizing their ability by playing in multiple formations.

He is a great coach and the change he is making is undeniable. Is there any way that the Titans can hire someone like Art Briles or another smart offensive minded potential head coach, and keep LeBeau by enticing him some how? I don't know, but that is the question that those in the front office need to start asking or else the Titans might spend Jurrell Casey and Derrick Morgan's prime trying to adjust them to yet another defensive scheme.