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Titans-Falcons final score: Tennessee loses a tough one 10-7

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans played much better on defense than I expected them to today.  I have to start by saying that.  The Falcons have a really good offense, and the defense held them to 10 points without much help from the offense.  That was good to see.

The offense showed the same struggles that have hampered them for two years now.  The offensive line is bad.  They are going to have to get that figured out or they are going to be without any healthy quarterbacks.  Oh, and they also aren't going to be able to score very many points.

They also need to find some receivers that can catch the ball.  Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter both had chances to make big plays and couldn't make pretty easy catches.  Dorial Green-Beckham, who I thought had a chance to have a big game, was invisible.

And I still don't understand what Ken Whisenhunt is doing with the running backs.  Every time one of them made a big play, Whiz would send the other guy in.  Antonio Andrews had a couple of really nice, punishing runs.  He was on the sideline for the next play almost every time.  You can't get a guy in a rhythm like that.

Overall, it was a much better effort than last week.  This team just needs somebody who will step up and make a big play on a weekly basis.  They don't have that right now.