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Height equals success against the Atlanta Falcons

Yet another reason why Dorial Green Beckham is in for a big game.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans face a tough matchup against the Atlanta Falcons this weekend, but that doesn't mean that every player is in a tight spot. In fact, for Dorial Green-Beckham this could be a defining moment in his rookie season.

Everyone on this site and who has watched the Titans for more than a few quarters this season has been screaming for DGB to get more involved. This has all been pretty justified, because when you dominate All-Pro caliber cornerbacks like Joe Haden and Vontae Davis in the endzone then you should earn more time.

This week, DGB should be a primary receiver in this offense and if the team is trying to go with their most talented line up then he will take over all of the snaps Harry Douglas would get. That means that instead of being a 10-play change up player, you will get a 40-play starter.

That alone should propel the Titans rookie to a good game. However, there is another stat that screams big day for DGB: the Falcons struggle mightily to cover tall receivers.

I know this sounds simple because all big receivers have success right? Well, when was the last time Justin Hunter led the Titans in receiving yards in a game? Not only has it not been the case for the Titans, but it hasn't been the case against them either. It is the T.Y. Hiltons, Travis Benjamins, Chris Hogans, etc. that have been leading the opposition in yards and catches for teams against tie Titans. Dynamic inside players are the flavor of the week in the NFL and they are causing the most headaches for NFL defenses.

So, back to the topic at hand. In their games this year the only time the opposing leading receiver/tight end hasn't been 6'1" or over was against the New York Giants and the way that Odell Beckham Jr. wins jump balls and plays the "tall wide receiver game", he might as well be 6'6".

In fact, if you exclude Nuk Hopkins from the list (who, like OBJ, plays like he is a giant) then the leading receivers have all been 6'3" or taller.

These defensive backs for the Atlanta Falcons are losing jump balls and aren't aggressive enough against big-bodied defenders, which lets receivers put a body between the defense and the ball. The gameplan for the Titans offense should be simple this week. Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker should be the main targets in the seams of the zone defense that they like the play, but when they get aggressive and switch to man, Mettenberger should locate CB Phillip Adams (5'11") and S William Moore (6'0") presnap and find DGB or Justin Hunter for a jump ball.