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But what about Kendall Wright?

A look at how Mettenberger will impact Kendall Wright.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans franchise quarterback is out Sunday, which means that Zach Mettenberger will be the lead man against the Atlanta Falcons. Many people have said that Mettenberger will open up the offense and take more chances deep. I agree, and I think that is the one aspect that may be missing from the Titans offense now (well that and a consistent running game).

While Mettenberger will be a help on the outside, no one has talked about how those players in the middle like Kendall Wright might struggle without Mariota's accuracy. So, let's take a look at what this this passing offense should look like with Mett at the helm.

(Don't read this as negative about Mettenberger, in fact I wrote here that I think showed more through five games than Jameis Winston has, and the stats agree.)

So, let's look at the splits. Below I will list what Kendall Wright's pace per game is this year, and compare it to last year's numbers when Zach Mettenberger started the majority of the snaps.

Mariota's Kendall Wright average game line : 6 targets,  4 rec., 55.2 yards, 0.4 TDs

Mettenberger's Kendall Wright average game line: 7 targets, 4 rec., 67.2 yards, 0.2 TDs

Honestly this was not as bad as I was expecting. I was expecting the outside receivers to get the bulk of the targets based off of memories of Justin Hunter dropping sideline passes burned into my brain.

Kendall Wright may have a dip in touchdown looks in the endzone, but maybe that is a good thing. With DGB and Justin Hunter getting a lot of reps this week, I would imagine that if the Titans can get in the redzone, that they will be the primary targets on at least a few jump balls.

However, to get into those redzone situations, it looks like Mettenberger won't be afraid to lean on Wright and Delanie Walker in the middle of the field.