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Tennessee Titans News Links: We Too Good To Lose

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Derrick Morgan says that the Titans are far too talented to let this year go like last year. I agree with him, personally, as the Titans are good enough to win the division talent wise, but clearly not good enough when they go out on the field. Blame it on the coaches.

The Titans have a new approach to practices. They are hoping it pays off on Sunday. It includes a mission statement an music as well as more physical practices. Sounds like a copy of Campbell.

Marcus Mariota sat out another practice but he still could play on Sunday against the Falcons.

Dorial Green-Beckham got 29 snaps last week, a season high for him. With Harry Douglas dealing with an injury, DGB could see even more action on Sunday. I would love if we featured DGB, as Trufant is an excellent cornerback, and could shut down Kendall.

Here is Whisenhunt's transcript from Thursday's practice.