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Titans vs. Falcons: What are the odds?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are about to waste a golden opportunity.  It is not often that an NFL gets 4 straight games at home.  That is what the Titans have this season, and they are currently 0-3 in those games.  The only one they have left is the toughest one of all- against the Atlanta Falcons.

The line for this game opened yesterday at Falcons -3.  I am not sure what Vegas knows that I don't, but I would be willing to bet the mortgage on that number.  It has moved to Falcons -4 at a couple of places.  That number still seems really low to me.

The over/under on the game is 48.  If the Titans play like they did yesterday, the Falcons will hit that number all by themselves.  I would also be willing to bet a lot of money on the over here.  If the Titans can figure out a way to block someone up front, especially Vic Beasley, they should be able to put up some points on the Atlanta defense.