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Tennessee Titans News Links: Music City Meltdown

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This was a rough one. Where earlier in the season, the Titans were giving up leads to lose games, they decided yesterday to just completely meltdown. #FireWhiz

Coaching received an F because they stink and should be replaced as soon as possible. #FireWhiz

Yesterday was the worst game of Marcus' career. He turned the ball over 4 times including 2 INTs. He has to clean the fumbles up. That being said, his protection certainly didn't do him any favors. Potassium was really bad, rejuvenating Cameron Wake. #FireWhiz

I expect Marcus to shake off the things he did so poorly this week and improve next week, but make no mistake, the team as a whole took a giant step backwards on Sunday. #FireWhiz

There was a moment or two in the game where I thought the Titans may come back, but those thoughts were instantly erased as Mariota threw a INT on a poor throw to Fasano. #FireWhiz

Brian Schwenke had a disastrous injury to his leg on Sunday. Chance Warmack was very visibly disturbed by seeing/hearing the injury. Andy Gallik will be the C for the remainder of the season.

Whiz needs to be fired. Webster as well. They clearly did not do anything to fix what was a poor offensive line last year. The insistence on giving Harry Douglas meaningful snaps is ridiculous as well, as I can't remember the last time he made a contested catch. We are in draft season, and it is week 6.