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Stop The Madness: Titans Must Fire Everybody

It is officially time to blow everything up.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's pathetic performance against the Dolphins was the final straw. It is time to blow it up. From a personal standpoint, I have been willing to be extremely patient with both Ruston Webster and Ken Whisenhunt. After watching this team yesterday, I've finally had enough. I'm sure that a majority of Titans fans feel the same way. If anything, I am incredibly late to the party.

First, let's look at Ruston Webster. He has been given numerous chances to fix the mess that he helped Mike Reinfeldt create. While he has made a few good draft picks in the first round, he has largely drafted poorly. His second round selections in particular have been a complete abomination. Zach Brown has now been benched by two regimes and continues to be downright insubordinate whenever he's not on the field missing tackles. Justin Hunter, who he traded up for, has been one of the worst receivers in the league and is showing little to no signs of improvement. Bishop Sankey, the first running back selected in the 2014 draft class that featured Jeremy Hill, Devonta Freeman, Tre Mason, and Carlos Hyde, has been extremely underwhelming. The book is still out on Dorial Green-Beckham obviously, but he made a number of mistakes yesterday. There is not a single second round pick that has been a contributor. Yes, he drafted Marcus Mariota in the first round. Should he be rewarded for not making a franchise-sinking, horrendous error? Absolutely not.

Webster has also been an absolute embarrassment in free agency. Michael Oher, Andy Levitre, Shonn Greene, Wesley Woodyard, Kamerion Wimbley, Steve Hutchinson. The list goes on. It's a joke. Though the output of this year's free agent class has been solid so far and it seems like he may have learned his lesson after a number of swings and misses, he still fully deserves to be held accountable when considering his entire track record.

The overall structure of the roster makes me sick. Four wide recievers--three disappointing ones to say the least. Somehow, Right tackle went from rock bottom with Michael Oher to the depths of hell with Jeremiah Poutasi and Jamon Meredith getting whipped each week. Cameron Wake had four sacks in the first half(!) after looking like his career was on the downward slope this year. Michael Griffin, the worst player on the starting defense, has needed to be replaced since 2010, but is still somehow touted as a strong point. The bottom of the roster is incredibly weak, which is a reason for the team's special team woes all year. Let's face it, this team has a handful of good players, but that does not result in a good, or even somewhat decent team.

In somewhat of a segue, Webster is also the man who hired Ken Whisenhunt. Again, personally, from a consistency standpoint, I refused to have any desire to pull the plug on coach so quickly. I wanted to finally see a program built from the bottom up. But it has become completely evident that this team is headed nowhere under Whisenhunt. He has made a number of completely ludicrous coaching decisions in his short time here, in which his record is now 3-18. Whether it is predictability, being incredibly conservative, like in the Buffalo game, or an overall lack of feel for the game, there is always something ridiculous coming from Whisenhunt that is a key contributing factor to a loss. Again, it is time to blow it up, but if the Titans do stick with this current embarrassment of a staff, the least they could do is demote Whisenhunt from playcalling.

The question is, who is going to step up and make the call to blow things up? Ownership seems incredibly split on its decisions, and from an outsider's perspective, it seems as if they do not even care. Ruston Webster very well may be the most powerful man in the building. I have absolutely no clue who would fire him. The team still needs to hire a new president, so maybe he will make the call, but the sense is that the new man will be more in charge of the financial side than actual football decisions. This franchise could be doomed. The only hope is either that the organization's hand is forced by such bad play--the team looks worse each week--or the rumors of a possible sale come to fruition. If the Titans stay on this track, they are completely wasting the opportunity that half of the league desires in having a franchise quarterback. It is time to blow this joke of an organization up.