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Questions for the Tennessee Titans coaching staff

A few questions to think about during the week.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Many fans are calling for Ken Whisenhunt to be fired, and right now there really isn't anything I can say to argue that he shouldn't be. It looks like his biggest asset now is the fact that Dick LeBeau is only on the staff because of him. For all this team's issues, defense has not been one this season apart from today and some freak 3rd down plays earlier in the season.

But, there is a lot of time to discuss future coaching candidates and coaching combinations, so right now I just have a few questions I want to see answered this week.

-Where has the fade to Dorial Green-Beckham gone? You remember the one that some of the best corners in the league couldn't stop, that one. The Titans have Justin Hunter and DGB and refuse to use them together on the field consistently.

-Why didn't the Titans run the ball up the middle more? I understand running on the left side behind Taylor Lewan, but there were a lot of yards to be had up the middle and Antonio Andrews is still being criminally under utilized.

-What are the Titans going to do with Poutasi. He had a bad game, but he took real strides last week against Buffalo. He has talent and size, but not speed so why don't you bump him inside and put him next to Lewan? I wrote about this earlier but I don't see how this isn't at least something to consider.

-Is the zone run going to kill the Titans again this year? In the first portion of the game today the Titans were too quick to give up their gap and run after the ball, which is one of the reasons why Landry had that touchdown to start the game.

-How do you deal with Julio Jones of a player like him without following him with a good CB? McCourty historically doesn't travel from side to side, so what are they going to do when they scheme up Jones vs BWW? Are the Titans just going to leave him on an island or will Dick LeBeau cook up something better?

-How does Andy Gallik handle a full week of practice and how much can he improve. The Titans aren't fully committed to the idea of Brian Schwenke as their long term guy at least that is what it looks like. There isn't an elite group of free agent centers coming up next year, so they have to hope that Gallik is their guy.

-Finally, can this defense rebound? The offensive line isn't extremely talented and they really only have one option in the passing game. Can this team pressure pocket quarterbacks like it did all season, or will the record and recent performance cause them to second guess themselves.