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Tennessee Titans one thing to fix: offense

One thing to change for next week.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

I know this loss sucked. It is the first time with Marcus Mariota that it felt like 2014 all over again. I can't argue that the Titans need to clean house, but I don't think they will do it especially not right now. So, with that I want to focus on one thing that the Tennessee Titans can change in a week.

Shuffle the offensive line

There is only so many times that Taylor Lewan can explain to the media that their job is to keep Marcus Mariota upright. I think he would be the first to admit that they did a terrible job of that today. Something needs to change and while I am not saying that Lewan needs to be moved (because he absolutely doesn't) but here are the changes I would make if they want to keep Mariota upright.

Left tackle: Taylor Lewan

Lewan is a very good tackle despite the fact that there is seemingly some payment plan offered by the NFL if you flag him on should-be no calls. He is great and he will be a stalwart for a long time if he can stay healthy.

Left guard: Jeremiah Poutasi

Byron Bell hasn't been awful, but this is about getting the best players on the field. Poutasi has never been (and might never be) a player who can dominate in space like Lewan. However, in a phone booth where he can latch his hands on to people and where you don't have to worry about protecting such a wide area, he could be able to shine.

This would give the Titans the ability to run to the left side behind probably two of their three best run blockers.

Center: Andy Gallik

Gallik was confused on some stunts, but also had some nice seal blocks in the run game including getting out on the edge with a really impressive pull. Let the rookie try and figure out what you want to do at the position long term in the offseason.

Right guard: Chance Warmack

I think Warmack is better than average as a run blocker, and if he is average as a pass blocker then that is a good day. He isn't a big issue, but he isn't the positive that he looked like he would be when the Tennessee Titans drafted him.

Right tackle: Byron Bell

Bell is an offensive tackle and he was only moved over to LG in the preseason because of how terribly Levitre played. Well, now you have a similar issue at a more important position and you need to see if anyone can help protect that edge.

This isn't a permanent fix, but I think this is the best combination they have right now across the board. You take Meredith out of the lineup and put Poutasi back on the side he played in college. Now you have power on the left side and right side and you should have everyone back in their natural positions.