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Dolphins 38 Titans 10 final score: Fire Ken Whisenhunt and Ruston Webster

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

What a terrible game.  It is time to clean house in this organization.  The Miami Dolphins, who fired their coach last week, just dominated the Titans in every single phase of the game.  Dan Campbell, in his first game as an NFL head coach, coached circles around Ken Whisenhunt who was coaching his 117th game as a head coach.  His record in those games is now 48-69.  He is 4-29 in his last 33 games.  It is time for him to be fired.  The end of the year is not soon enough.

It is also time for Ruston Webster to be fired.  There is not enough talent on this team.  Webster has used a ton of resources, draft picks and free agency dollars, on that unit and they are nothing short of terrible.  This year's third-round pick, Jeremiah Poutasi, who the draft advisory board told to stay in school, was a turnstile in the first half before getting benched.

The secondary is just as bad.  Perrish Cox went out with an injury and that brought former third-round pick Blidi Wreh-Wilson into the starting lineup.  The next time BWW is able to find a football that is thrown his way will be the first time he does it.

This team doesn't have enough quality starters, and there is no depth at any position.  Webster has had plenty of time to build a solid roster.  He has failed to do so.

Back to Whiz, the offense hasn't changed since week one.  The play calling is terrible, and how in the world does he not leave a guy in to help on Cameron Wake, who was abusing Poutasi.  Whisenthunt is going to get the franchise quarterback, Marcus Mariota, killed.  That should be enough to get him fired.  I am not going to say there are no adjustments made, but the right adjustments are never made.

It is time to start over.  #FireWhiz.  Get it trending.