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Ken Whisenhunt Failing to Evolve Offensively

Whiz needs to change it up.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It was about the 100th time that Whisenhunt had dialed up that play this year.  You know the one.  The one the Titans killed the Buccaneers with week one.  The play action slant pass that looks like a read-option.  Whisenhunt called it one time too many and Reshad Jones housed it.

That was my breaking point.

We've seen very little evolution from that play.  It's been called three to four times a game, each time appearing to get less and less effective.  This is a microcosm of the Titans' season.  It's trending the wrong direction.

Whisenhunt has done nothing but rave about his rookie quarterback, rightfully so.  So why doesn't he trust him?  Why call a 3rd and 12 tight end screen pass?  What is that?  Mariota has been excellent dissecting the middle of the field and getting through his reads.  Why not let him do more of that?

It seems to be the same story with the offense every week.  No run game, several penalties, no protection for Marcus Mariota -- it's a never-ending cycle.

Why not take the wraps off of the offense?  You can't run the ball effectively, so open up the offense.  Run the spread. Go uptempo.  Attack down the field.

Instead of banging your head against a wall with a first down run for no gain, throw Dexter McCluster a swing pass.  Get your guys in space and let them work.  Get creative with Kendall Wright.  Throw the ball down the field to Dorial Green-Beckham and Delanie Walker.  Spread out the defense and attack with the run up the middle. Do something different.

Whisenhunt's stubbornness has been well documented throughout the past two years.  It goes back to Kendall Wright's frustrations last season while he was learning the playbook.  It's the "our stuff works" comments that drive me insane. He's 3-29 over his last 32 games as a head coach.  His stuff doesn't work.

I've praised Whisenhunt for adapting to Mariota, but the NFL has caught onto his game plan.  You can't expect what worked last week to work again this week.  You're playing in the most competitive league in the world.  Throw some different ideas out there.  If Whisenhunt doesn't, he may be looking for a job very soon.