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Titans vs. Dolphins: Key Matchup

The secondary will be under fire this week.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The weak link in the Titans' defensive scheme this year has been any corner not named Perish Cox or Jason McCourty.  Teams have attacked Coty Sensabaugh and Blidi Wreh-Wilson for several big plays.  This week should be no different as the productive slot receiver Jarvis Landry comes to town.

Landry is a target monster in Miami's offense.  He's received double digit targets in each of the four games so far this season.  Landry is Ryan Tannehill's go-to receiver and the Titans will have to be aware of where he's at at all times.

He isn't a physically imposing guy by any means (5'11, 202), but he's a tough, reliable target for Ryan Tannehill. Landry actually ranks second on the team in receiving yards to Rishard Matthews.  However, Landry will present the Titans with a bigger issue on Sunday.

The Key Matchup: Coty Sensabaugh vs. Jarvis Landry

If you've followed Titans football this year, you've probably noticed Coty Sensabaugh get burned a few times. Whether it be Travis Benjamin or Chris Hogan, Sensabaugh has been a big play waiting to happen for the opposing team.  In his defense, he was playing out of position for the first three games on the outside.   He's much better in a short area, covering the opponent's slot receiver.

Here was the big play Sensabaugh surrendered last week.

It was basic man coverage. Sensabaugh simply turned and ran with Hogan, who was able to gain just enough of an advantage to make the play.  Sidenote -- what a complete dime of a throw by Tyrod Taylor.  This really wasn't bad coverage from Sense.  And he could have probably used some more help from the single high Searcy.

Here's the Benjamin play from the Cleveland game.

Sensabaugh was roasted from the get go here in man coverage. I'm not sure if he was supposed to have help over the top or not, but this was an ugly rep all around.

The good news is that Landry isn't really a game-breaking down-field receiver.  He's averaging under ten yards per catch.  The Dolphins struggle to push the ball down the field.  Ryan Tannehill is averaging just 6.3 yards per attempt this season, which ranks 33rd in the NFL.  I think this plays into Sensabaugh's strength in the short areas.

The secondary was outstanding for the most part against Buffalo, but one or two lapses in coverage can destroy a tightly contested game.  Sensabaugh will likely get a chance at redemption this week against one of the better slot guys in the NFL.  We'll see if he can step up.