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Tennessee Titans News Links: Better?

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Titans a better team in 2015 than 2014? Yes, in large part because of Mariota and some key acquisitions in Brian Orakpo and Perrish Cox. The Titans however do have the same record that they did in 2014 and that is cause for alarm.

Mariota is staying positive and is ready for a win this weekend against the Dolphins. I could really use a win.

Brian Orakpo is pissed at losing, as he should be. On the injury front, Warmack is gearing up to face Suh on Sunday.

Coach Whisenhunt talks about the negative publicity surrounding the team, well if you start winning, things will change.

Despite losing, the Titans are finding reasons for confidence. Confidence is good and all, but winning is the most important.

The Titans have a disturbing trend of blowing big leads all the way back to last year. Its a crying shame, and they need to fix the losing culture.