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Tennessee Titans News Links: Still #Stinky

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans despite fooling me for 4 weeks (including the bye) are a bad football team. They will continue to be a bad football team until they prove otherwise, no matter how "close" Whiz says we are.

Kendall Wright is "beyond frustrated". I can empathize with that part of his complaint, but I can't empathize with him saying he wants to be targeted more. He's 1st on the team in targets, and receiving yards. I don't know what more he could want, unless he wants to win.

In the grades for the Titans, the passing defense grades out well, but the rushing defense gets docked for allowing Tyrod Taylor to convert a 3rd and 23. Absolutely inexcusable.

The Titans have the same record as last season, but have been more competitive, says the Tennessean. While that is true, I don't really care. A loss is a loss.

Marcus says that the Titans will learn from their mistakes. I know he will, but will the rest of the team?