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Tennessee Titans PFF matchups to watch: Offense

Who should have a great day on offense?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

PFF gets knocked a lot for their quarterback rankings, but they do a lot of great things. Unless you have seen every snap from every team and can argue with them, you have to concede that they may have a more even keeled opinion of players around the league.

Looking just at their numbers and what I have seen form the Tennessee Titans here is who I think will have a big day against the Buffalo Bills.

Delanie Walker/Anthony Fasano

The two tight ends have been a huge bright spot for the Tennessee Titans offense. Walker is a seasoned veteran that has been a great security blanket for Marcus Mariota (give or take a dropped pass for a touchdown). Fasano is another veteran, while he is a good blocker Marcus Mariota is making him look like a new player in the passing game.

Breaking it down a little farther, let's look at Walker. Whether or not he is flexed out or inline, Walker is a very physical player in his routes and competes for the ball. I expect that he will be lined up next to Jeremiah Poutasi for most of the game chipping on Mario Williams on nearly every passing play.

If the Titans don't want to do that, I think they could do what the Indianapolis Colts did on Thursday vs the Houston Texans and JJ Watt. The Colts outright lined up a tight end on the right side of the line and just had a constant double team on Watt in some way or another. If the Titans are scared of Mario Williams (and on some level they should be) they could have Anthony Fasano permanently lined up on the right side and double team him on every play. This would seal him off as a pass rusher and give them lanes in the running game.

This week they also get to play against Nigel Bradham and a group of bad linebackers that look better because they are allowed to blitz and freelance a little. Bradham has a -9.8 rating and whether or not it is on the second level in the running game or man-to-man coverage in the  passing game, the Titans should get the better of this matchup.