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Jason McCourty Will Stabilize Titans' Secondary

The Titans get a HUGE piece of their defense back this weekend.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Jason McCourty looks like he will be back this weekend against the Buffalo Bills.  The Titans had been without for for the entire season so far, leaving a big weakness in the secondary.  He's officially listed as probable for Sunday's game.

During his absence, Tennessee surrendered a number big plays down the field.  Travis Benjamin's big day and Phillip Dorsett's big touchdown comes to mind immediately.  These were all due to massive breakdowns in coverage -- breakdowns that should be remedied by his return.

Coty Sensabaugh was playing out of position on the outside instead of his traditional inside nickel role. Sensabaugh will go back to his original position this Sunday, giving his spot back to Jason McCourty in the lineup.  The man on the outside looking in will be Blidi Wreh-Wilson.

Statistically speaking, the Titans have given up the sixth least amount of yards to quarterbacks this year on average. However, they rank 26th in yard given up per attempt with an 8.2.  So basically when the Titans allow a completion, it's been a really big play.

Whisenhunt echoed those concerns this week.  He stated, "Obviously, the deep balls were one of the things that, regardless of who's in there, we've got to stop.  Especially those third and 20s. Those were a difficult pill to swallow."

Connecting some dots will probably lead you to Buffalo's big play-maker Sammy Watkins.  Watkins is a big play waiting to happen, although he is currently banged up.  He's officially listed as questionable and was limited in practice on Friday.  Watkins' absence would be a major loss to an offense that is already without Karlos Williams and LeSean McCoy.

McCourty's return should stabilize the secondary.  Everyone will be back in their original positions, assuming there are no setbacks.  Dick LeBeau will have his starting four in his secondary for the first time all season.  Hopefully the worst of the big plays are behind us.