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Tennessee Titans News Links: Smashing Expectations

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Mariota was thought to be, by many "experts" to be a project QB. He'd take a while to get used to playing under center they said. Well, three weeks into the season, and Mariota has smashed all expectations. Even his biggest supporters couldn't have predicted the instant success he's been. Without a doubt, he's our franchise QB. Enjoy it folks.

The Titans need to come out and make a statement in a week against Buffalo. They need a win in the worst way, to keep morale up. Players know they are thisclose to being 2-1 and possibly 3-0. The division is up for grabs, and the Titans need to take advantage.

The Titans for the most part are playing really good pass defense. What is undoing them is the big plays.

Here is a 3 game comparison from this year to last year. There isn't a whole lot of difference defensively, although I think that will only improve. Offensively, the Titans are one of the better teams in football, which is a stark difference from the 2014 team.