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Between The Posts: Postseason Predictions

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Your nightly OT open thread.

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With the Tennessee Titans in full evaluation mode, our attentions can at least be diverted to some exciting football scheduled this weekend.

With a good weekend of football coming up, it's time to cast your lots. I've got the Broncos over the Colts (I hope), the Patriots over the Ravens, the Cowboys over the Packers, and the Seahawks over the Panthers.

I think the Broncos excellent corners and pass rushers will be tough for Andrew Luck and Colts. Better still, Denver's No. 2 ranked run defense will leave the entire game on Luck's shoulders.

The Patriots are a better team than the Ravens, who seem to back into the playoffs every year (though you can't argue with their results much). The Ravens seem to be Belichick's kryptonite, but I think Brady and his superior supporting cast will put the Ravens to bed.

The Cowboys have the edge with an apparently ailing Aaron Rodgers, but it's hard to pick against the Packers QB. The 'Boys have really turned a corner, and showed some resolve last week in fighting back to win. Romo is playing good football at the moment, and I'll go with that.

Finally, the least entertaining (or should I say anticipated?) match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers. This Panthers squad is a true late-bloomer, having scored oodles of points over the season's last month to slide into the postseason. The Seahawks have much more talent, and Russell Wilson is money in the playoffs. I have to pick the 'Hawks here.

Who have you got advancing to the conference championship games?