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Wesley Woodyard Hopes There Aren't Many Changes on Titans

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Bob Levey/Getty Images

Jim Wyatt caught up with Wesley Woodyard and asked him a bunch of questions about the Titans 2014 clusterseason. Here is the most interesting quote of the article:

Hopefully there's not too many changes being made. ... I have been familiar with this, even in college. It takes some time to get beat up on and bruised and you come back strong. So I hope there's not a lot of changes," he said. "I hope our players and all our coaches come back. We are taking the right steps. We fight hard, we work hard, and we respect one another.

About 75% of those last two sentences are just false. They didn't take any right steps this season. The team peaked in week 1 and got worse each and every week. How in the world is that taking right steps?

They didn't fight hard in the last month of the season. They lost to some of the worst teams in football each and every week. They might have worked hard, but it sure didn't show up on the field. I cannot speak to whether or not they respect each other, but what does it really matter in a 2-14?

I understand there is something to be said for continuity, but terrible continuity is still terrible. Ken Whisenhunt is a terrible football coach. They will be good if Zach Mettenberger turns out to be a star, but otherwise the Titans are destined to win 2-6 games until The Whiz is shown the door.